Hey, I'm Nandeshwar Gupta.

I am currently working with VMart Retail Pvt. Ltd. as Senior Manager Data Science.


  1. Recommendation engine for HR Tech
  2. Intent Classification using SBERT
  3. Sales forecast for Retail Corp using Time-Series Modelling
  4. Named Entity Recognition on Legal Corpora using Bi-directional LSTMs
  5. Captcha Recognition and Resolution using CNNs
  6. Search Engines & RecSys for HR Tech using ElasticSearch
  7. Mega scale Web Scraping using Scrapy and Selenium
  8. Automated CI/CD apps using AWS DevOps (ECS, Fargate, Code Build, Code Pipeline, Code Deploy)


  1. Packages - Sklearn, Pytorch, Statsmodel, Plotly, FAISS, MLFlow
  2. IDE - Google Colab, Jupyter Lab, Datagrip, and VS Code
  3. Productivity Tools (Dev) - Sublime Merge, Postman
  4. Productivity Tools - Notion, Pocket

What drives me?

If you ask me on any random day, I will say it's Music and Travelling. But nowadays I am high on Deep Learning.

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