Hey, I'm Nandeshwar Gupta.

I currently work with V-Mart Retail Pvt. Ltd. as Senior Data Scientist.

What drives me?

If you ask me on any random day, I will say it's Music and Travelling. But nowadays I am high on Deep Learning & web3 (NFTs).


Senior Data Scientist, V-Mart Retail, Feb2021–Present

Machine Learning

  • Built Recommendation Engine for V-Mart E-commerce Platform.
  • Customer Segmentation Analysis to increase sales.
  • Customer Churn Prediction using Light GBM.
  • Covid-19 Forecasting using Time-Series Analysis.

Data Engineering

  • Built ML Pipelines using tools like Airflow, Celery & MLflow on AWS & on-prem for scheduling jobs.
  • Collaboratively developed Data Lakehouse Architecture using AWS S3, Glue & Athena.
  • Built CI/CD pipelines using AWS pipelines & GitHub actions.
Manager Data Science, Vasitum, Aug 2020 – Feb 2021

Machine Learning

  • Built Recommendation Engine from scratch to drive better engagement & conversions.
  • Chatbot – Built & maintain NLP based chatbot on RASA framework with Entity detection & Intent Classification.
  • Elasticsearch – Optimized search engine to provide relevant results & improve entity discovery experience.
  • Built end-to-end machine learning solutions (NLP, NER, DNN) to solve problems such as Spam Job classification, etc.

Data Engineering

  • Database modeling for large-scale data collection.
  • Transition to serverless architecture using AWS Lambda & Fargate
Data Scientist, Quick Company, May 2018 – August 2020

Machine Learning

  • Applied Named Entity Recognition (NER) on a scale using Spacy.
  • Implemented a Text Classification model on legal text using WordEmbeddings.
  • Built Captcha Recognition model using CNN & OpenCV.
  • Optimized Image Classification model built on PHOG algorithm.

Data Engineering

  • Developed a fully automated event driven scraping framework.
  • Used Neo4j database to link data & create graph structure.
  • Built dashboards for reporting using D3js & Plotly.

Backend Services

  • Created a unified search engine using Elastic Search.
  • Built various applications for Web Backend & APIs using Django, DRF, boto3 & automated tasks (scrapers, schedulers, queue-based jobs) on AWS.
  • Dockerized various APIs (microservices)


  1. Packages - Sklearn, Pytorch, Statsmodel, Matplotlib, FAISS, MLFlow
  2. IDE - Google Colab, Jupyter Lab, Datagrip, and VS Code
  3. Productivity Tools (Dev) - Sublime Merge, Postman
  4. Productivity Tools - Notion, Pocket

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