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Day 9.png
Day 9: Linear Regression from scratch using NumPy.

Linear regression implementation from scratch using NumPy and Scikit Learn both.

Day 8.png
Day 8: What is Linear Regression with Derivation.

Introduction to Linear Regression. Derivation of Ordinary Least Square method.

Day 7.png
Day 7: Perceptrons from scratch using NumPy.

Perceptron implementation from scratch using NumPy and Matplotlib. Dataset via Scikit Learn.

Day 6.png
Day 6: Matrix Maths and PyTorch Tensor.

Review the Matrix maths needed with PyTorch Tensor to understand Neural Networks.

Day 5.png
Day 5: Perceptrons in Python from Scratch. (Code)

Perceptron implementation in Python from scratch using PyTorch and SkLearn.

Day 4.png
Day 4: What are Perceptrons?

Perceptrons are the building blocks of Neural Networks. How do Perceptrons work?

Day 3.png
Day 3: McCulloch-Pitts Neurons. World's First Neural Networks.

I uncover the maths behind McCulloch-Pitts Neuron and how it works with Logical functions.

Day 2.png
Day 2: What are Neural Networks?

What are the main components of a Neural Network? How does a neural network work?

Day 1.png
Day 1: What is Deep Learning?

What are the types and use cases of deep learning? What are basic components of a neural network?

Day 0: Announcement and Plan

This is the very first post of 100 Days Of Deep Learning. It contains how I am taking up this challenge.